About EPS

Electronic Performance System is a company involved in the supply and support of motorsport electronics that design and build systems for any level. EPS only work with the highest quality parts from a number of market leading suppliers like MoTeC, ASNU, Alcatek and ECUtek. EPS specialise in full engine mapping and calibration services.

EPS has been evolving over the past 11 years and is run by Dave Rowe, originally from Melbourne Australia but now based in the UK. Dave’s love of cars started from an early age where he begun racing go-carts before being becoming a motor mechanic and continuing with motorsport as a hobby.

In 1997 Dave turned his passion into his career when he joined MoTeC Australia and in 2000 moved to the UK to work for MoTeC Europe Ltd. During his time at MoTeC Dave supported every aspect of the aftermarket Electronics trade. With his hands on approach and vast experience of all things motorsport, EPS will soon have you winning.
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