NEW GBC-Paddle Shift System – Auxiliary Kit

EPS are pleased to announce the availability of our NEW GBC-Paddle Shift System – Auxiliary Kit. Part no 75100.  £2050.00, 

We have kits and components in stock and ready to ship!


M1 GPRP with our NEW GBC-Paddle Shift Kit.

By combining a MoTeC M1 ECU & GPRP Package and our new GBC-Paddle shift kit you have engine management and a fully featured paddle shift controller, all in the one lightweight ECU unit, giving savings in cost, number of boxes and complexity and weight.


Most customers will purchase the complete kit part no 75100, but we will also stock the individual kit components so that spares or replacements can be purchased if desired.

GBC Paddle Shift Components for kit (75100):-


  • Gear Box Controller- COMPRESSOR PUMP             part 31100 : £270.00
  • Gear Box Controller- SHIFT ACTUATOR     `              part 75101: £1,295.00
  • Gear Box Controller- AIR TANK MANIFOLD KIT      part 75104: £375.00

(manifold, tank and hose)

  • Gear Box Controller- PRESSURE SENSOR 250psi    part 58042 : £155.00
  • Gear Box Controller- CURLY CORD (terminated)    part 61222 : £139.00
  • Gear Box Controller- Paddles                                     part 75102 : £328.00


If you have any questions regarding the paddle shift kit or M1 GPRP please contact us.

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