Pikes Peak 2017 Racecar

Pikes Peak 100th year racecar Building

this is the build of EPS 2017 race car for Pikes Peak 101th year of the international hill climb


Project time again, 
As you know I have done Pikes Peak two times now and it’s been a very special place for me, family and friends. Back in 2013 my Dad and my older brother came along to help out, it was my brothers first ever time travelling international and outside of Australia. A good time was had by all despite the bad weather conditions on Race Day and making the decision to go slick tyres before the rain and snow came in. Whilst making it to the top, the result wasn’t a true reflection on what the car and I could achieve. So it was decided that we had to go back for another go! 
I didn’t have the funds to do the event the following year but I was employed by a French team to look after their Porsche for them. The first day I arrived in America I woke up to 20-25 missed calls from all my family and it wasn’t good news… Sadly my Brother had passes away and he was only 41 years old. 
So that’s what’s driving this new project and the small legacy his left me. I want to build a new car in my brother name and go back to Pikes Peak in 2017. It will be an Audi S1E2 Quattro with a TTRS 2.5L 800hp, Sequential Boxed beast. My brother’s name was Jason Raymond Rowe so we have called the car Ray, bother to Walter. So I invite you to follow us with the car build and hope you enjoy it.
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Specification of EPS Pikes Peak Racecar


Still stripping down  to  build

Drive Line

Still Buying shiny bits


still buying  shiny bits


Still buying shiny bits

Fuel System

Still buying shiny bits


don’t need them  going up hill 🙂


i’m a bit wrap up with wiring everywhere

Thanks to the following people that have helped me build the car

• Dialynx Performance • Webster Race Engineering • VRS Northampton • GTM