Pikes Peak EVO 9 Time Attack

10 minutes to break through the clouds The Start: is at nearly twice the height of
Ben Nevis 9390 ft You will cover a distance 12.42 miles Make 156 Turns
with the cars power being reduced by 42% at the Finish 14,115ft


  • 2.3L Engine
  • 750hp and 630ftlp
  • 6 Speed Sequential Maktrak Gearbox
  • KA Sensors through out
  • ASNU 1100cc Injectors and Fuel System
  • Turbosmart Waste Gate and BOV

Suspension & Brakes

  • Nitron Dampers
  • Whiteline Rollbars and bushes
  • Alcon 6 Piston 365mm front brakes
  • Alcon 4 Piston 343mm Rear brakes

Electronic system

  • MoTeC M1 ECU
  • MoTeC PDM 30
  • MoTeC C185 Colour Display