Mapping and calibration

EPS’s specialty is Engine Mapping, Data Systems, System Set-ups and Calibration, Diagnostics and Track support. With years of experience in many different areas of the trade, EPS can offer a fresh approach and assurance that your car is in safe hands. Engine Calibration and Development work direct to the trade is also supported. In the last 12 months EPS has supported teams in locations such as Knock Hill, SPA, Le Mans, and Phillip Island in Melbourne. From Northampton to Sri Lanka, no distance is considered to far to travel!

Injector Testing

The Fuel Injectors and their individual performance are now one of the major components to be considered when diagnostically analysing any system for “combustion related” problems, especially if problem is related to Engine Performance, Fuel Economy, Exhaust Pollution and Lambda failure.

EPS offer a complete service programme

Including all service parts and accesories
Report pad
Specialist tools
Filters o rings pintel caps
Flowrite and bio-clean fluids

Wiring Looms

All too often people contact us at the last possible moment complaining that their car will not start, the sensors do not read correctly or the system does not operate as advertised. In 99 times out of a 100 this is due to the wiring or sensors that are past their best. Motorsport is a very harsh environment and the levels of vibration present can cause damage such as fatigue of connections, broken wires and chafing that can lead to shorting of wires. Once your loom has been manufactured then it has to be correctly fitted to the vehicle. This can be carried out by you if desired but it is something that can be performed by EPS at your workshop. Installation of the completed looms would typically take only a few hours. After which a complete functionality check will be carried out to ensure that the system is correctly configured to communicate with all the sensors and any third party equipment as required. All EPS wiring harness are manufactured with Milspec cable, DR25 heat shrink and high quality automotive connectors. The connection systems used are mostly AMP Jnr Timer, AMP Superseal, Deutsch HD, DT and series and Canon Mini Sureseal. All harnesses are tested before shipping. EPS also manufacture a range of adaptor looms for plug and play applications.