Hall Sensor

Hall Sensor


GT101 Hall sensor

Wheel speed sensor or Crank or Cam sensor 

Sealed in probe-style package for physical protection and cost-effective installation. Sensor electronically selfadjusts to slight variations in runout and temperature, often simplifying installation and maintenance. Circuit senses movement of targets in camshaft and crankshaft speed and position, transmission speed, and tachometer applications, as well as anti-skid and traction control applications.
  • Senses ferrous metal targets
  • Digital current sinking output (open collector)
  • Better signal-to-noise ratio than variable reluctance sensors
  • Excellent low speed performance
  • Output amplitude not dependant on RPM
  • Sensor electronically self adjusts to slight variations in runout and variation in temperature
  • Fast operating speed - over 100 kHz
  • EMI resistant
  • Reverse polarity protection and transient protection (integrated into Hall IC)
  • Wide continuous operating temperature range


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