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ASNU GDI Injector Extractor Tool

ASNU GDI Injector Extractor Tool


The ASNU GDI Injector Extractor tool has been designed by ASNU for the safe removal of tight fitting or inaccessible GDI injectors. This tool will be an essential, valuable and welcome addition to the tool range of any technician involved with the removal of GDI Injectors.


The GDI Injectors are built to a one micron tolerance; possibly the finest tolerance of any mechanical part on the engine. Removing these injectors without the correct tool can possibly alter the seating of the pintle shaft of the injector, which can cause leaking or “sticking” problems for the valve’s pintle or it can even break the pintle ball off the end of the shaft. Any of these issues will render the injector as scrap and will require a new one. Hopefully the issue will be identified BEFORE it’s fitted back in to the engine, where if not, it could cause untold damage to the engine’s combustion chamber.


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