EPS’s specialty is Engine Mapping, Data Systems, System Set-ups and Calibration, Diagnostics and Track support. With years of experience in many different areas of the trade, EPS can offer a fresh approach and assurance that your car is in safe hands. Engine Calibration and Development work direct to the trade is also supported. Full access to a Dyno Developments 4wd rolling road in Northampton (VRS) 

The Fuel Injectors and their individual performance are now one of the major components to be considered when diagnostically analysing any system for “combustion related” problems, especially if problem is related to Engine Performance, Fuel Economy, Exhaust Pollution and Lambda failure. We have the latest GDI ASNU Machine and can carry out servicing on GDi, Port and side feed injectors

  EPS offer a complete service programme including:

  Service parts and accessories

  Report given before and after with every test
  Filters o rings pintel caps 

  High pressure tests also available 

All EPS wiring harness are manufactured with Milspec cable, DR25 heat shrink and high quality automotive connectors. The connection systems used are mostly AMP Jnr Timer, AMP Superseal, Deutsch HD, DT and series. All harnesses are tested before shipping. EPS also manufacture a range of adaptor looms for plug and play applications.

Having  previously provided global support for a range of motorsport events including WRC, LMP, 24hr, Time Attack & Hill Climb here at EPS we are happy to provide assistance on event. Benefits can include detailed live data feedback, analysis of engine and chassis performance, mapping, calibration and sensor replacements to name but a few. Feel free to contact us with your requirments.

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