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Beacon Receiver BR2

Beacon Receiver BR2


The Beacon Receiver (BR2) is the part of the lap timing system that is fitted in the vehicle. Depending on the other components in the application, the receiver can be connected using a switched output or a CAN bus and should be set up accordingly.

Fitting the BR2

The BR2 should be fitted so that the infra red beam hits the receiver window at a right angle when the car passes the transmitter.

If there are no obstacles between transmitter and receiver, the range of MoTeC's lap timing system is up to 40 meters. The receiver should be positioned carefully in the vehicle to avoid the beam passing through tinted glass or acrylic, which can reduce the range substantially.

Compatible with

  • C1 Series Displays, SDL3, ADL3
  • L1 Series Loggers, ACL
  • M1 Series ECUs, M400/M600/M800/M880



  • LED indicating
    • Power on
    • Beacon signal received
    • Error codes
  • Digital output for beacon information (alternative to CAN output)


  • CAN bus used for
    • communicating beacon information
    • communicating diagnostic information
    • configuring the receiver via the BR2 configuration software


  • 5 pin Autosport connector 
  • Case size 75 x 36.5 x 25 mm


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