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Beacon Transmitter BRX

Beacon Transmitter BRX


The Beacon Transmitter (BTX) is the track side mounted part of the lap timing system.

Mounting the BTX

The narrow infrared beam emitted by the BTX should be aimed parallel to the road and at the same height above the road as the receiver in the vehicle. The transmitter mounting system should therefore be capable of height and tilt adjustment.

The spacing between adjacent transmitters must be a least 6 meters.

Compatible with

  • BR2



  • Coded infrared beam
    • Range up to 40 meter (130 ft) when used with BR2
  • Status indicator
    • LED in three colours indicating:
                        • Power OK
                        • Low battery
                        • Fault or very low battery


  • External via a 12 volt rechargeable battery (10 Ahr capacity recommended)
  • Power consumption 70 mA typical 


  • Case size 90 x 80 x 115 mm
  • Weight 260 gram


Please NOTE price doesn’t include VAT and it will be added when the payment is made in PayPal 


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