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Easy Connect M8XX Comms Loom

Easy Connect M8XX Comms Loom


Easy Connect M8xx series ECU kit to allow you to connect your PC with the ECU without the need of the cars full wiring loom. Comes with connectors for the ECU power and ground, UTC Comms plugs for the PC connection. So if you have your car in 1000 bits and still want to power up the ECU to get the logging out? Look at the map etc this will make your life easy


Connects to the following ECU,

  • MoTeC M84
  • MoTeC M400
  • MoTeC M600
  • MoTeC M800


Also see other listing for the 12Volt Power Supply or UTC Comms Cable (Sold separately)


Please NOTE price doesn’t include VAT and it will be added when the payment is made in PayPal 

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