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Fuel Swirl Pot

Fuel Swirl Pot

SKU: SwirlPot

Racinglines 1ltr Fuel Swirl Pot RL-16


Designed to meet the requirements of both track day enthusiasts and competition vehicles the Racinglines Swirl Pot ensures fuel flow is not interrupted when retaining the standard fuel tank.


Due to the design, size and nature of the standard fuel tank, fuel starvation can often occur under track conditions through cornering at high speeds without a full tank gasoline. Not only can this cause a loss of power from the engine but it can also cause significant engine damage.


Utilising a fuel swirl pot provides a safety net for your fuel system ensuring your fuel pump always receives a constant fuel feed (even though the fuel tank pick up may temporarily be starved under excessive cornering speed).


Typically your internal fuel pump would usually be uprated and used to feed / fill the fuel swirl pot. A second pump then draws from the base of the swirl pot sending fuel to the engine whilst the fuel return (coming back from the engine) is placed back into the swirl pot. There is also an overflow at the top of the tank so if too much fuel enters it can be piped back into the main fuel tank through the feed that previously accepted fuel return from the engine.


Our Swirl Pots are produced from spun aluminium and have integrated female threaded ports before being finished with our "crinkle black" powder coating.

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