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Gear Shift Load Cell M8 Thread

Gear Shift Load Cell M8 Thread


The GSS Series of miniature load cells are designed for the detection and measurement of tension/ compression forces in gear shift application. 
Construction is stainless steel with a built-in amplifier which allows for a very simple installation, only 3 wires are needed for connection.  Mechanical mounting is via M8 male threads, but custom designs are also possible.
The output signal is proportional to the amount of force and is a linear 0.5 to 4.5V and can be connected to most common ECU’s.  The typical application is for use as: Flat Shift / Quickshifter / Torque Cut / Ignition Cut / Clutchfree Gearshift on race vehicles.
The load cells are generally installed into the actuator rod or cable and will detect the level of force applied by the driver to change gear.

M8 x 1.25 left and right hand thread 


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