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Mitsubishi EVO X M800 OEM MoTeC ECU

Mitsubishi EVO X M800 OEM MoTeC ECU

SKU: 13014A

MoTeC M800 Plug-In ECUs are fully programmable, direct replacements for factory ECU. Based on the M800, they control the latest automotive advances such as continuously variable camshaft timing and drive by wire throttle.


EVO X M800 OEM includes the following options as STD

  • Cam Control 
  • DBW Throttle Control 
  • Advanced Functions (ALS, Launch Control, Gear Cut)


Complete with an OEM connector, M800 Plug-Ins are convenient and cost effective to install because they eliminate the need to rewire the vehicle. They simply plug into the factory wiring harness using the original sensors, ignition modules and fuel system. The units are built to operate with saturated drive fuel injectors.


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