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Mitsubishi EVO89 MoTeC M800 OEM ECU

Mitsubishi EVO89 MoTeC M800 OEM ECU

SKU: 13010A

Mitsubishi EVO 8/9 (3 plug, EVO 8 MR/GSR and EVO 9) Adv. Functions and 1Mb logging included


The M800 OEM is designed as a Plug-In ECU for Mitsubishi EVO8-9
applications and is based on the M800 ECU. The Plug-In ECU is designed to use
the vehicle’s existing wiring, with no need to remove or add sensors. Customised
with OEM connectors, these replacement boards eliminate the need for adaptor
looms, and fit straight into the factory ECU box. The M800 OEM has all the
facilities of the M800 except it can only drive low current type fuel injectors.


NOTE if you have an EVO 9 then you also need the Cam Control Upgrade also

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