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NTC2 Motorsport Air Temp Sensor

NTC2 Motorsport Air Temp Sensor


The NTC2 Series of High-Performance Temperature Sensors are designed to measure the temperatures of Air and Gas inlet on demanding motorsport and automotive testing applications.
The sensing element is a sub-miniature 10KΩ NTC Thermistor, with a very fast response time which helps to improve engine performance. Calibration of each is well defined and can be installed into most common ECUs and data logging systems.


With a response time of fewer than 5 seconds for this unit – over twice as fast as the standard Bosch or GM style IAT sensor – and an accuracy of ±1°C at temperature ranges from -30°C to +150°C.


Supplied as M12 x 1.5 with Stainless Steel Construction


Please NOTE price doesn’t include VAT and it will be added when the payment is made in PayPal 

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