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TC8 CAN to EGT Sensor Race Grade

TC8 CAN to EGT Sensor Race Grade


A CAN based expansion module that allows for up to 8 thermocouple sensors to be connected. The module works with non-amplified K-type thermocouples only. Version 1.4 of TC8 is capable of being programed via CAN. This is usefully if you wish to have multiple TC8 on one CAN bus or are using a TC8 with a non Motec product. There are six different modes to choose from. The first four modes (0-3) mimic an E888. Modes four and five let you choose what CAN ID the messages are sent out on. NOTE:  When no sensor is connected to an input, the output reads between 1050 to 1250°C. 

Specifications: Input Temp Range:  0 to 1000°C +/- 1.0% 
 Thermocouple Style:  K-type only Operating Voltage Range:  9 to 24 vDC Operating Current Draw:  < 0.1 Amps Operating Temp Range:  -40°C to 120°C Dimensions: 3.5” x 2.26” x 1.0” Weight:  173 grams Current version: 1.47
Connection: Mating Connector:  ASL606-05SN pin 1 – Ground  pin 2 – N/C pin 3 – Power pin 4 – CAN Lo pin 5 – CAN Hi
CAN Messaging: CAN Bus speed:  1 Mbps, 500 Kbps, 250 Kbps, 125 Kbps Setup is done similar to the MoTeC E888.  Channels are configured as E888 thermocouples. Can be used on Mx00/M1 ECUs and all dashes. Not compatible with M84


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