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// M130 or M150 ECU’s. These ECU’s are a great options as they allow many more inputs and outputs

// M1 ECU’s. Supplied complete with the GPR package to allow the race functions to be enabled. ALS, Launch Control and Gear Cut 

// On board logging. This will allow you to keep an eye on the car’s engine, driver and systems to make sure everything is performing 100%

// M84 ECU. A low cost option if you are going to use a simple cable throttle



// C125 5” display or the C127 7” display.  So you need to have a think about where the dash is going to be mounted? If it’s close to the driver then go for the C125!

// C Dash’s These can also have inputs wired direct with there I/O Upgrade so function’s like Trans Temp, Shock Positions just to name a few.

// C Dash’s have built in Shift Lights that can be set for different RPM points or Gear also// C Dash’s Shift Lights can also be used to alert the driver when functions are in operation? i.e indicators you can flash the outer lights green.


PDM 30(Power Distribution Modules)

// Will take care of all the car’s electrical circuits and allow them to be programed to operate how you want

// Easy wiring! There are just in and outs so no adding flasher units or extra relays to the cars wiring.

// CAN allows the MoTeC devices to all talk to each other so this can be done with software opposed to added wiring


// 15way Key Pad that allows to turn off and on any function of the car? From the starter motor to the wipers. The key pad also had a series of lights to allow you to know what the circuit is doing? Also if there are any faults also



// 4 Bar Map Sensor: A high accuracy sensor to allow you to run up to 3bar boost or we can also make 5 or 6 bar units also

// 10 Bar Fuel Pressure Sensor: To allow the cars pressure to be displayed, Logged and a driver alarm can also be set-up to make sure you don’t melt your engine! 

// 10 Bar Oil Pressure Sensor: To allow the cars pressure to be displayed, Logged and a driver alarm can also be set-up to make sure you don’t break your engine! 

// EGT8 to CAN module: Allows the use of individual thermocouples and then set to the ECU or Dash for logging

// EGT sensors: These keep an eye on the cars Exhaust Temperature so each cylinder can be optimised.  

// 100 Bar Transmission Pressure Sensors: To monitor the transmissions pump pressure and also if you have a bypass system it can also allow this to be logged also to insure correct operation 

// Transmission Temperature 0-200deg C KA Sensor: To log and also be used for a warning alarm when you are cooking your transmission on the start line

// Lambda Sensor and LTC Unit: To add in tuning and also it can be run full time to allow the ECU to run in Closed Loop and trim the engines fuel mixture for all weather conditions 

// Air Temp Sensor: To keep the cars fuel and ignitions trims up to date with its incoming air temp. KA Sensors offer up to 200degC units to allow air temps on NON intercooled cars. 

// Bosch Oil Temp Sensor: To allow the cars Oil Temp to be displayed, Logged and a driver alarm can also be set-up to make sure you don’t break your engine! 

// Gear Level Load Cell: To allow full throttle gear changes when a sequential gearbox is used

// ASNU performance injectors: With flow rates up to 1600cc work well and also allow any type of fuel to be used without damage to the injectors. (Modern Race Fuel can be harmful)   

// Turbosmart 1200: -6 fittings or 2000 -8 fittings adjustable fuel pressure regulator allows easy connection to the cars motorsport hoses

// Shock Position Sensors: Will take the guess work out of what the cars chassis is doing down the track. This will let you fine tune your expensive adjustable dampers 

// Tyre Temp Sensors: Can also be used as a tuning tool to insure you manage your tyres correctly when doing the cars burn out

// Track Temp Sensors: These take the guess work out of the days conditions

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