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Too many injectors are fitted to engines based on the flow rate alone, with no thought for the Spray Pattern’s Distribution and Atomisation. This in the main is due to the lack of understanding about Spray Patterns and the ability to view and check them, even though, as many have now discovered, the Spray Pattern can be what makes the engines performance.

This is why EPS is now a proud UK agent for the ASNU “Select ‘n’ Injector” performance program that offers the high performance user a complete and unique range of injector solution options to suit their requirements.

The injectors are designed for the varied Motorsport and Street Performance applications. All Holes in the ASNU orifice cap are cut by laser for greater accuracy and repeatability. Using the latest technology allows ASNU to produce caps with specific spay patterns and flow rates to meet any customers needs.

These are all build to your individual specifications please contact for any further info

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