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Group C Champions 2017

What a year and what a car! I am happy to say but we have won the 2017 Group C Championship with the mighty C11 Mercedes Driver Kriton Lendoudis did an amazing job. I have worked with this car for many years and we have many EPS parts through out. MoTeC M800 ECU hidden in the Bosch case (Just to make it look period) we also have 16 ASNU injectors feeding the engine with its fuel. Turbosmart waste gates and boost control valves controlling the boost. This all help manage the cars fuel delivery as we are only aloud one tank of fuel per race (No refuelling) when the C11 engine is on fuel power it likes fuel.. Look forward to a few winter upgrades then bring on 2018. If you want to see more of this car please follow the Facebook link below to the Chamberlain Synergy site

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