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10 Years of EPS

Wow, how time has flown, back in 2008 as the economic crises began, I made the brave decision to start my own business.

Having worked for MoTeC in Australia for 4 years then MoTeC Europe for 8 years so it was a relatively easy path for me to enter into the self-employed world as a MoTeC dealer.

Since loving all things Motorsport, I have relished every minute of owning and running EPS (Electronic Performance Systems).

Every day I get to work with MoTeC, KA Sensor, ASNU Injectors and Racing Lines. Always pushing technology further and venturing into the unknown with confidence and excitement. Privileged to also work on my own Motorsport projects.

Pikes Peak EVO9 and the mighty Audi S1E2 ‘Ray’ completing 4 attempts on the hardest Hill Climb in the World, Pikes Peak in Colorado. Holding the record for the fastest times ever for an EVO and Audi Quattro up the Hill.

The 10 years have gone in a blink of an eye and I look forward to the next ten years of EPS.

Thank you for all your support and if there is anything we do for you or your special projects please let me know…

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