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EPS does a podcast with the guys at HP Academy

David came up in the very early days of @MoTeC Global, beginning his career working for the Australian ECU manufacturer when MS-DOS-based systems were the only option. As the technology advanced over the following years, David built up a huge base of knowledge and skills, and now resides in the UK where he runs EPS Motorsport, working with some of the greatest race cars the world has ever known. In this conversation with host Andre Simon, David talks us through his climb towards his current position as the MoTeC guru in the UK and Europe, and shares some really key advice when it comes to running a one-man-band business in the motorsport world. From there, although a lot of the projects he’s worked on are kept in the shadows and covered by NDAs, David discusses some of the incredible projects he’s been involved with and is allowed to talk about, like the Sauber Mercedes Group C weapons and Toleman-Hart F1 cars powered by monster monoblock turbo 4-bangers. These sometimes-priceless cars often receive a full electronic modernisation from David, and time is spent discussing exactly how that is achieved, and why it’s even done in the first place. The conversation winds up with an interesting discussion around different dyno types and why each has its own advantages and disadvantages. David’s a straight shooter, and that means there’s some excellent, no-nonsense advice and knowledge to be gained in this episode.

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