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// Subaru and EVO owners can use the MoTeC M800 OEM’s. These plug into the cars factor loom and use all the cars std     sensors. These also include some important upgrades like Advanced Functions (ALS, Launch Control and Gear Cut) 

// M130 or M150 ECU’s are also a good option as this ECU’s allow many more inputs and outputs

// M1 ECU’s can have the GPR package to allow the race functions to be enabled. ALS, Launch Control and Gear Cut

// On board logging. This will allow you to keep an eye on the car’s engine, driver and systems to make sure everything is performing 100%



// C125 5” display or the C127 7” display can be used. So you need to have a think about where the dash is going to be mounted? If it’s close to the driver then go for the C125 or more commonly people mount them to allow the co-driver to view them so a C127 is a little better with the larger 7” screen

// C Dash’s can have the Engine ECU and also the Cars Diff ECU to be connected via CAN so all the cars sensors can be displayed, logged or used for warning alarms

// C Dash’s can also have inputs wired direct with there I/O Upgrade so function’s like Fuel Level and Trip Meter can be displayed and also reset by the co-driver

// C Dash’s have built in Shift Lights that can be set for different RPM points or Gear also

// C Dash’s Shift Lights can also be used to alert the driver when functions are in operation? i.e indicators you can flash the outer lights green.



Diff ECU’s 

// The SDC units are used to adjust the torque split between the front and rear differentials to achieve greater control over handling characteristics such as traction, braking on loose surfaces, turn in response, and understeer on both corner entry and exit. 

// The centre differential is essentially a limited slip differential with adjustable preload. The SDCs work by regulating solenoid current, which is proportional to the preload. When no current is applied (0% lock) the centre differential operates as an 'open diff' with a mechanical torque distribution of 65% rear and 35% front (60% and 40% in some vehicles). With increasing current (increasing percentage lock) the preload increases, requiring more torque difference between front and rear wheels before the centre differential will slip. 

// There are six selectable control modes: 0% lock, 100% lock and four user-configurable modes. These modes can be selected using the DCCD thumb wheel.

PDM 30 (Power Distribution Modules)

// Will take care of all the car’s electrical circuits and allow them to be programed to operate how you want

// Easy wiring! There are just in and outs so no adding flasher units or extra relays to the cars wiring.

// CAN allows the MoTeC devices to all talk to each other so this can be done with software opposed to added wiring


// 15way Key Pad that allows to turn off and on any function of the car? From the starter motor to the wipers. The key pad also had a series of lights to allow you to know what the circuit is doing? Also if there are any faults also 



// 4 Bar Map Sensor is a high accuracy sensor to allow you to run up to 3bar boost


// 10 Bar Fuel Pressure Sensor to allow the cars pressure to be displayed, Logged and a driver alarm can also be set-up to make sure you don’t melt your engine!


// 10 Bar Oil Pressure Sensor to allow the cars pressure to be displayed, Logged and a driver alarm can also be set-up to make sure you don’t break your engine!


// EGT sensor to keep an eye on the cars Exhaust Temperature so you don’t damage the cars turbo. ALS can also be disabled in the ECU’s software if this gets to high also


// 100 Bar Centre Diff Pressure to allow the cars pressure to be displayed, Logged and the cars handling fine tuned


// Lambda Sensor and LTC Unit to add in tuning and also it can be run full time to allow the ECU to run in Closed Loop and trim the engines fuel mixture for all weather conditions


// Bosch Air Temp Sensor to keep the cars fuel and ignitions trims up to date with its incoming air temp


// Bosch Oil Temp Sensor to allow the cars Oil Temp to be displayed, Logged and a driver alarm can also be set-up to make sure you don’t break your engine!


// Gear Level Load Cell to allow full throttle gear changes when a sequential gearbox is used


// GPS unit is grate for logging stage position, car speed and altitude


// 100bar Brake Pressure sensors to allow the cars front and rear bias set and also data logged


// ASNU performance injectors with flow rates of around 650cc work well and also allow any type of fuel to be used without damage to the injectors. (Modern Race Fuel can be harmful)   


// 044 Bosch Motorsport Fuel Pump is the industry std and will keep a good supply of fuel to your engine


// Turbosmart 1200 -6 fitting adjustable fuel pressure regulator allows easy connection to the cars motorsport hoses

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